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Los Santos Police Department

The mission of the Los Santos Police Department is to protect and serve the populace of Los Santos. To that end, we investigate, reduce, and prevent crime throughout the city and make an effort to understand the community and conversely to give them the opportunity to understand us. 

To Protect and To Serve


Port Authority

The LSPD Port Authority Division is responsible for the security and safeguarding of all items shipped to and from the Port of Los Santos.  



LSPD Detectives are responsible for Investigate crimes, collecting and securing evidence from crime scenes, conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses, observe the activities of suspects, and obtain warrants and arrest suspects. 


Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement is one of the core departments of the LSPD. They are responsible for maintaining the safety and security in the streets of Los Santos. 


Major Crimes

The primary objective of Major Crimes Division is the prevention of significant disruptions of public order in the City of Los Santos. The Chief of Police authorizes Major Crimes Division to investigate individuals or groups who plan, threaten, finance, aid, abet, attempt or perform unlawful acts which threaten public safety. 


About LSPD

The past and present of city law enforcement


The Los Santos Police Department was first founded in 1869 when ten officers were hired and paid to serve under City Marshal Bill W. Arthur. The original force was undermanned and the city became known for violence, gambling, and prostitution. By the early 1900s, there were 70 officers, and in 1903, this force increased to 200. The force began to increase rapidly, suffering only a minor decline in staffing during World War II when many officers enlisted in the armed forces. By 1959, there were over 5,000 sworn officers.  


As the department continued to expand, various specialized units began emerging. The Los Santos Police Department now had a full fleet of aviation vehicles, a fully staffed and manned tactical division, and one of the most professional investigative bodies in the country. In 2004, the former Commander of the LSPD, was sworn in as the department’s 56th Chief of Police. Taking control of previous generations of corruption and lawlessness, he managed to fully turn the force around into the law enforcement body it is today. The Los Santos Police Department is currently the primary law enforcement agency for Los Santos and the largest in San Andreas. As of now, there are over 14,000 staff serving the LSPD, composed of more than 10,000 police officers and 3000 unsworn staff members. In January 2012, the sitting Chief resigned, leaving the position up to mayoral appointment.


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