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Being a Civilian is all about using your creativity. You will be able to stretch your imagination and create truly unique experiences for others. Between obeying traffic rules, and buying your 52oz sodas, you’ll want to stir the pot and see what kind of mischief you can get into. As a Civilian, you will get to create your future every step of the way.

Time to be in charge for once,
or at least until the cops show up.


Civilian Training

Starting from the ground up, Civilians have training. We have to learn how to create characters, make sure we have our inventories set up correctly, know how to spawn and edit vehicles, make sure our microphones are set up in game.


Business Enterprises

Throughout the State of San Andreas, there are a slew of business that are always looking for new faces to fill those positions. Once you find your way through the State of San Andreas, you will be more comfortable picking up a job and learning the way of the trades.


Gangs and Petty Crimes

If you enjoy creating chaos, and doing things you would never think of doing in real life, joining a local street gang may interest you. Within this subdivision you may be just like any other civilian, but you always have a secret agenda.


Major Crimes

Once you’ve learned the basics of being a criminal, you may just want to kick it up a notch. These criminals usually have a couple tricks up their sleeves, and know how to work the system. This will be the ultimate criminal lifestyle.


About Civilians

The past and present of San Andreas


The first Spanish missionaries arrived in San Andreas in the 1700s, but San Andreas didn’t become a U.S. territory until 1847, as part of the treaty ending the Mexican-American War. Shortly thereafter, the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in 1848 inspired a wave of settlers to head to the west coast in search of fortune. In 1850 San Andreas became the 31st state. 


Today, San Andreas is home to over 24 million people. The gold is no longer apart of the Earth, but now lines the inside of people's mansions. San Andreas has the largest amount of homeless people in all of America. We have one of the highest crime rates, along with one of the largest unemployment levels. With our new Governor, we have high hopes that things will improve for the people living in San Andreas. We are always looking for new people to live here, and enjoy the many different careers, lifestyles, and of course the vast amount of homes we have to offer here. As Mr. Rogers always said, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” 


We are recruiting right now


This website is part of the State of San Andreas Roleplay community and is not an emergency service.

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